Freitag, 13. August 2010

The effect of a book

Gestures from João Machado on Vimeo.

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Maria hat gesagt…

What is this supposed to demonstrate?? Please give me a hint, because the idea - which I am guessing - behind it, makes me curious about it!

Dorin hat gesagt…

Director João Machado wrote on his website about his videoclip:

„This investigation intends to construct an essay or open-ended process, embracing the participation of the reader as a producer of a book. It relates to the experience and performance of a book, looking beyond intended function.

There is a long history about the way a book is created, disseminated and received. This cycle is embedded in the notion of what constitutes a book. However, the development of new digital technologies and the emergence of a network-based society now questions this established cycle. This transition is affecting the way a book is written, read, utilized, its production, its reproduction and most importantly, how it constructs knowledge.

Designers are now facing the task of ensuring that technology transition will satisfy the changes regarding economic and humanist developments, concerns and models. This transformation demands the definition of new strategies in design that result in the designer reducing his subjectivity and becoming more of a collaborator or catalyst in the production of social knowledge.

The project culminates mainly in a work proposal to the Chelsea College of Art & Design Library: a label that will act as a register of the students’ personal connections with the books they borrowed and leave a trace of how they utilized them to create meaning and carry their research. In this sense, the creation of meaning through the books’ utilization will extend beyond the readers’ private sphere by intervening with other readers’ pathways.

The audience was invited to be guided through the various pieces shown using the provided index.

This project was part of the MA Graphic Design Communication Final Show at Chelsea College of Art & Design in 2009.“